Hi and welcome to adultgamers.net – a hub for mature gamers with lots of helpful information.

I’m Brian and I’m a recovering gamer. But seriously, I’ve been playing video games for years and I love all kinds of games. More recently though, I’ve found that the types of games and how I find enjoyment in video games has changed. That’s because sadly, I’m getting a bit older.

Gone are the days where I can spend hours and hours playing games on my own or with friends, and gone are the days where I want to. However, in its place has come a better attitude about gaming and the chance to play with my child. This has given me a real opportunity to bond with him over something he enjoys, which brings me to why I started AdultGamers.net.

The fact is, I want to enjoy the games I play. I don’t want to be the best at any game anymore and even if I wanted to, I know my child could beat me handily. That’s OK, but I’ve been listening to some of my friends who say they love playing games but don’t have the time to spend nor do they have the skills (mental or physical) to keep up with today’s use when a game is multiplayer.

That’s where I think Adult Gamers (AG for short) comes in. I want to show the ways that you and I can play games, have fun, and tailor the experience the right way for us and our friends/family. When you come to Adultgamers.net, you’ll find game reviews from our perspective, answers to many pressing questions, gear that you can use to make the games better, and just a general take on gaming for adults over 35.

For now, this is our only presence on the net, but in the future we’ll be making YouTube videos, so stay tuned!

Thanks for coming, and let’s get playing.