Games That Can Help Adults With Mobility Issues (Revealed!)


Gaming has been around for decades and continues to flourish as an extremely influential entertainment industry in the world today. It is widely accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and has emerged as one of the most socially evolving facets in this modern-day society.

Playing video games can bring about many merits of its own, as well as prove to be potentially damaging, depending on a number of factors, such as the average time spent on gaming on a routine basis.

However, video gaming can have numerous advantages and has proved to be quite vitally significant in other aspects, which further contribute to its high-profile reputation and appeal among people.

Therefore, in this blog, I shall explore some of the best games that can succor disabled adults with mobility impairments, bring some light into their emotionally void world, and how exactly these video games may hit the mark in helping such a challenging issue that we know of today.

Before we get into that, it is worthwhile to have an idea about video games; we shall be taking a closer look at:

Name of the Video Game Game Publisher
Oxenfree II: Lost SignalsNetflix Games
Dave the DiverMintrocket
Baldur’s Gate 3Larian Studios
Mortal Kombat 1Warner Brothers
Diablo IV Blizzard Entertainment
World of WarcraftBlizzard Entertainment
Gear 5Xbox Game Studios
Wii Sports GameNintendo
Above is a data table that mentions some of the best and most easily accessible games for adults.

Gaming is no longer limited to gamers who are mentally and physically fit because:

  • It has become much more advanced in being accessible to disabled people due to the progress in gaming technology.
  • Educational awareness of the benefits of gaming for disabled people.
  • There is a need to make gaming accessible and equally entertaining for all people.

Thus, video games have become a mere escape for such people, too, helping them improve their cognitive abilities and providing them with a blissful opportunity as a form of strong motivation to make their muscle movement and memory come to life.

Therefore, numerous gaming developers and companies make collective efforts to bring innovative improvements in their gameplay’s accessibility and customizing options so that the physically and mentally disabled person can also have a seamless gaming experience and are not restricted due to their impairment.

Let’s discuss each of the above-mentioned games one by one!

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals

It is a supernatural horror-based adventure game that has been recently released, having received a high amount of positive acclaim for its innovative and improved features, making the game much more accessible for all people.

It introduces the gamers to a fantasy-based world where you get to overcome obstacles, solve challenging puzzles, and role-play an enticing character, unlocking mysteries and secrets.

This game is equipped with enhanced accessibility and customizable options to provide a seamless gaming experience to those battling with motor skills impairment.

It gives you a variety of combinations to play from; you can use either a mouse, keyboard, or both of them, thus providing ease to those with mobility issues.

At the same time, the navigation and mouse control options run very smoothly and are highly responsive, eliminating the repetition of multiple buttons or clicks in the gameplay.

It also features Alfont, suited for dyslexic people, which allows them to customize the combination of letters based on their ease of understanding and interpretation. Subtitles are also available to further assist such gamers during their exploration of the game.

Simply put, it is indeed an excellent game choice to help someone facing mobility issues due to the vast number of better, much more intuitive accessibility options available.

Dave The Diver

Dave The Driver is an RPG game that involves action and adventure, testing your management skills to some extent.

In this game, you role-play a driver named Dave, whose job is to fish and collect as many fishes as he can, which comes up with its own challenges involving deeper sea-level expeditions. The fish caught are to be delivered to a sushi restaurant, which Dave manages.

This game involves a number of exciting quests and is full of enthralling adventures.

It does offer good accessibility yet is somewhat limited, but there were a few updates that resolved some of the challenges faced by fine motor skill impaired people, such as eradicating the need for fast-paced button presses to allow you to hold for a prolonged period of time.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game set in an eerie world of dungeons and dragons.

This game follows a tale of various emotions that the character gets to experience based on certain decisions being made throughout the adventurous journey.

It is undeniably an emotionally rich gameplay full of exciting quests to venture out for.

It is considered to be a good fit for those with limited mobility because all of the major actions can be performed with the use of a mouse instead of using so many keys and button presses.

It offers convenient and easy accessibility options and consists of a friendly design, covering various aspects suited for people with mobility issues.

Mortal Kombat 1

It is a fighting game where you role-play a character who assists fighters in their tournaments.

When it comes to being a good choice for people with less mobility, there are some diverse views regarding this matter.

For instance, you do have the option to utilize a set of shortcuts, which eliminate the need for high precision and accuracy in the movement through button presses and other inputs. They also have the feature to enable multiple button presses rather than a single one, aiding those with less mobility.

Since a lot of fighting is involved, rapid presses are also a bugging problem, but it can be eradicated using another feature in the gameplay.

It may lack in other areas for providing assistance to the fine motor skill impaired people, but still is a decent choice!

Diablo IV

Diablo IV is an action-adventure and RPG game and is believed to be one of the most accessible video games for all people.

You get to go on exciting quests filled with challenges and a fascinating, comprehensive storyline, which keeps you engaged throughout the game. There are customizable difficulty settings, which allow you to play the game based on your personal preference, well suited to your gaming skills.

It is really suited for people with less mobility as it can be played by just the use of a mouse, too, rather than having to use a combination of a juggle of keys and button presses.

It delivers an amazing control system, along with a wide plethora of remappable buttons, and makes it easier to navigate and swap through different courses of action during the gameplay.


Perhaps the most recognized game for disabled people is none other than the Hyperdot, winning a TGA back in 2020 for its innovative features to aid those with disabilities.

It seems like an easy game, where you have to role-play a dot whose job is to shoot and dodge down obstacles entering a circular region in which that particular dot resides.

This game is equipped with an admirable control scheme, which allows people with lesser mobility to access it with greater ease, as it can support absolutely any type of controller and even detect eye movements to aid them.

A mouse named Quill, in the video game Moss.
Among the very few VR video games that offer a plethora of accessibility options.


Moss is an action-adventure game made specifically for the VR gaming platform.

In this video game, you role-play a mouse who ventures out to abandoned lands, unraveling mysteries, solving challenging puzzles, exploring captivating realms, viewing enchanting views, and battling enemies.

It is regarded as one of the finest and most highly accessible VR games ever released, as it has many features to assist people with lower mobility while giving a seamless gaming experience to all types of gamers.

World of Warcraft

It is a multiplayer adventure game that introduces gamers to the fantasy world of Azeroth.

This game is also widely acceptable in terms of a great deal of good accessibility due to a variety of customizable features.

Difficulty settings can be adjusted according to one’s own pace, with a suitable time limit, to be disabled to help those who have lesser mobility so that they can complete quests with ease.

Gear 5

Gear 5 is a third-person shooter game, mainly a target-achieving video game, which involves a mission of fighting off Swarm enemies in order to free a particular area of interest, with the help of immense use of weaponry throughout the game.

It is known for its inclusivity, as it has an array of intuitive features aimed to provide a seamless gaming experience to people with different disabilities, including those with limited mobility.

Such features include the ability to remap certain controls, an organized control, and accessibility, thoroughly designed to aid those with restricted mobility, which makes it an ideal game choice for them.

A boy playing golf in a video game named Wii Sports.
Wii sports has dominated the gaming industry for more than a decade, and it is still very popular.

Wii Sports Game

Wii sports cover many of the sports simulation games, such as tennis, golf, baseball, boxing, and bowling. It works on the principle of motion sensing of the player.

This is a perfect fit for disabled people, who can demonstrate their mobility with the help of the Wii remote, imitating the actions relevant to the sort of sport they may be playing.

Wii sports also has a user setting, which offers customizable control and accessibility options to choose from in order to detect different criteria of motion accordingly, based on one’s ease of mobility.

Watch this YouTube video to find out more germane information on this topic.


  • Gaming is one of the most influential entertainment industries in the world today and continues to be on the rise in popularity ever since its high-profile debut back in the early days.
  • Video games have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on several factors, such as the average time a gamer spends playing a video game, the type of video game, whether it is age-appropriate or not, and so on and forth.
  • When it comes to talking about gaming being advantageous, it is quite beneficial for disabled people, as it serves as an escape for them to feel joy and happiness, and also improves their motor skills and mobility, and helps inculcate a feeling of positivity.
  • There have been innovative advancements in technology, and many collective efforts have been made over the years to improve accessibility so as to provide inclusivity and a seamless gaming experience to all people.
  • Some of the games, known for their wide-scale accessibility options, are as follows: OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, Dave the Driver, Gear 5, Moss, Mortal Kombat 1, Wii Sports Game, HyperDot, Diablo IV, and Baldur’s Gate 3.

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