Is the Analogue Pocket Worth It? (For Adults)

Analogue Pocket, a retro based handheld gaming device

Gaming is regarded as one of the integral sources of entertainment for people, regardless of their age, culture, or background. It has been around for more than decades and is still widely popular in modern-day society.

As time progressed, there were several advancements in technology; thus, game developers and industries devised a handful of ideas and innovative schemes to make gaming much more accessible to gaming enthusiasts, such as video game arcades, classic consoles, and handheld devices.

It is fair to say that a very large portion of the world grew up playing retro games, so they have a special place in their hearts for those memorable moments of playing those games.

Getting to play retro games opens up a portal to their memorable past and allows them to relive their childhood gaming experience, inculcating a sense of nostalgia.

Therefore, there are die-hard retro fans, part of the retro gaming community, or even the newer generation who love to play the classic old 8 and 16-bit ROM-loaded video games.

For that very reason, a number of retro gaming handheld emulators have been released among many, providing them the blissful opportunity to enjoy playing classic games.

In this blog, I shall discuss one such revised version of a retro handheld gaming device, named Analogue Pocket, explore the best features that it encompasses, and take a closer look over its shortcomings while giving a final verdict on whether this device is worth a purchase.

Before we begin to delve into the topic, it is worthwhile to examine some of the major specifications closely so that you may get an idea of what to expect from this handheld device.

ProcessorAltera Cyclone V
RAM16- bit cellular
Screen3.5 inches
Weight0.276 kg
Battery 4,300 mAh
The above data table suggests some of the major specifications of the Analogue Pocket 3, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Now, we shall take a closer look and try to examine the best features and a few of the shortcomings of this device that can lead us to a final verdict.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Remarkable Screen Display

This is one of the best features of the Analogue Pocket, as it provides gamers the blissful opportunity to have a much more engaging gaming experience by taking the screen resolution to new extremes.

  • A 3.5-inch screen that fits in your pocket improves portability.
  • For a bright display, a high pixel density and precise picture scale proportions are required.
  • Utilizes LCD rather than OLED, yet it’s still a great upgraded Game Boy.
  • Vintage Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles come to life due to Analogue Pocket’s FPGA emulation.
  • Giving rise to a fantastic, lively, and colorful retro gaming experience.

Therefore, this stunning graphic and screen filter feature was greatly welcomed with positive acclaim, contributing to its immense popularity and admirable value in the market.

This is indeed a desired facet of getting to play retro games in a high definition and elegant screen resolution that you don’t want to turn down.

Retro game cartridges.
Retro game cartridges have been used for a very long time, during the 80s and 90s.

Amazing Performance for a Vast Game Library

The Analogue Pocket consists of an FPGA core processor, which means that it is the hardware execution of the retro games rather than the common software emulation.

Putting in simple words, it has been manufactured to function in such a way as to allow and imitate the classic retro games, offering much better and more intuitive results.

It has an excellent sound system and effects delivery throughout the 16 and 8-bit retro games.

It consists of cartridge slots, allowing you to plug in the individual game cartridge, and has proved to work very smoothly with appreciable responsiveness with almost every Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game cartridge; thus, it is extremely backward compatible.

This top-tier performance of the Analogue Pocket for a vast game library makes it a sought-after retro-based handheld gaming device.

Comfortable to Use for Extended Gaming Sessions

The Analogue Pocket has a very powerful battery, which makes it suitable for extended gaming sessions. On average, it has a battery life of 6 or 7 hours, more than enough for the gamers.

Moreover, it has been carefully designed, as the buttons feel clicky, and the directional pad resembles the classic old Game Boy, though it is a bit heavier. It has an overall stylish exterior made up of hefty plastic and ensures a smooth grip.

It also has several USB ports and an HDMI port, which can connect it to your TV, and thus, you can have a much better gaming experience on the big screen.

This sturdy build quality satisfies a wide plethora of gaming needs and wants, providing you with ease of use and a seamless gaming experience.

Ineffective Designed Cartridge Slots

Yes, you read it right. Though we have discussed earlier that the Analogue Pocket is known for its fine-quality build-up design, it does fail in this area, which somewhat carries significant importance.

Many times, when you insert a cartridge, it is loosely secured due to the inefficient design of the cartridge slots, which lack the ability to establish a firm grip connection, which can often result in a poor gaming experience.

As the loose connectivity may begin to interrupt your gaming sessions or, worse may even cause damage to the cartridge itself. Even when docked, it feels very loosely connected.

There should have been a better approach to the design, given the price, which somewhat does not feel fit due to this unsatisfactory and lack of thoughtful consideration of manufacture.

It May not be for Everyone!

The Analogue works entirely on the physical game cartridges; thus, it is absolutely necessary that you own a collection of retro game cartridges, and all should be in working condition.

If that is not the case, this means that you have to spend even more money on buying them, and at the same time, it is much harder to find such physical games, which are generally expensive.

At the same time, there is an extra feature that enables you to create indie retro games using programmable codes and files, but that process is too cumbersome, unprotected, and goes beyond the average skill set.

Thus, this all suggests that the Analogue Pocket is limited to a portion of the gamer’s overall population, even to that specific part of the retro community, who have a decent collection of workable and durable cartridges or are willing to spend even more money over buying them.

However, it is still the best retro-based handheld gaming device ever, and given the many mind-blowing features, one can tell that it does coincide well with its price by comparison, thus is a perfect fit for those who own a decent collection of workable game cartridges, or are willing to buy them, being the dedicated retro gamer!

A YouTube video on Analogue Pocket Review.


  • Gaming has been widely prevalent among people since its very own debut and is still on the rise in popularity.
  • Retro games hold a special place in the hearts of adult gamers who grew up playing classic old games, and therefore, there is a huge tendency to relive that gaming experience, which inculcates a sense of nostalgia.
  • A retro-based handheld gaming device, the Analogue Pocket has emerged as one of the best of the best and quickly became a center of attraction for retro gaming fans.
  • Analogue Pocket is impressive because of its strong build, a wide range of game compatibility, and excellent display; however, keep an eye out for potentially loose cartridge connections. Options can need more expensive cartridges or intricate file programming.
  • Nevertheless, it is fair to claim that given the remarkable features of this gaming device, the price tag stands absolutely reasonable by comparison and, therefore, is worth the purchase, especially for retro-based community fans who own a decent amount of workable retro game cartridges.

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