Is the Ayaneo 2 Worth It? (For Adult Gamers)

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Gaming has been around for a very long time now and is still widely popular among people all over the world, irrespective of their age, culture, or background. It introduces you to an immersive world that challenges your various sets of skills and is a promising source of entertainment to new heights.

It is patently an integral form of modern digital entertainment and continues to be a successful industry.

As time progresses and advancements in technology have been brought forth, gaming has become widely accessible to all in many different versions, whether it’s a handheld gaming device, video game console, PC, and so on and forth.

Finding a handheld gaming emulator with some of the best features available, which can fulfill one’s general gaming wants and personal preferences, can often be a daunting task, with a guarantee that it can provide you with a seamless gaming experience.

Therefore, in this blog, I shall discuss the Ayaneo 2, which has taken gaming fans by storm and has been a center of attraction for them for quite a while now, explore some of its best features, and then give you a final verdict to answer the query if the Ayaneo 2 is worth a purchase in the long run or not.

Before we start, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the major specifications, which will be the main topic of our discussion on this topic.

ProcessorZen 3 Processor
Screen Display7-inch
Battery Life13050 mAh
RAM16-32 GB
Storage512 GB- 1 TB
Mass0.680 kg
The above data table shows some of the few major specifications of the Ayaneo 2, giving you a general idea of its high-profile appeal to gamers.

In order to determine if the Ayaneo 2 is really worth the purchase, given its immense value in the portable PC gaming market, it is imperative to take a closer look at the following features:

  • Large screen display with impressive graphics, improving the overall gaming experience.
  • Gives access to a vast game library, which is an incredible add-on for gamers.
  • It performs incredibly well for most games due to its powerful processor and fast SSD memory.
  • Designed in a way that satisfies the general need for ergonomics, thus increasing portability.

However, there are a few shortcomings that may curb its increased popularity:

  • Ineffective and cumbersome setting program.
  • Short battery life, given the big price tag, does not seem to align well.

Let’s get started!

Impressive Vivid Screen Display and Remarkable Picturesque Graphics

Ayaneo 2 has a huge screen of 7 inches, which enhances the overall gaming experience, and due to the amazingly designed interior and exterior, it does not feel heavy to hold; rather, it is comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions.

What makes it highly competent in the market is its remarkable screen display. It has an LCD screen, which supports up to 1080p screen resolution, and considerably high pixel density, which is why it is one of the premium features of this renowned handheld gaming device.

The HD display is crystal clear and sharp with effective contrast, and the screen is vividly bright with vibrant colors, delivering a seamless gaming experience that received positive acclaim from gamers worldwide.

Moreover, the remarkable graphic interface is another enticing add-on, giving an overall brilliant and intuitive aesthetic element to the device.

Retro games.
Ayaneo’s vast game library also includes emulation of a number of 2D retro games, which further contribute to its massive appeal in the gaming market.

Easy Access to a Vast Game Library

Ayaneo 2 features a user-friendly, easily accessible, and compatible OS, Windows 11, which can support a wide variety of games.

Gamers can embark on an exciting game journey that will open doors to a huge immersive world of gaming of various different genres, including many emulated games and AAA titles, such as Doom Eternal and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, with a promising guarantee of a mind-blowing PC gaming experience.

It is indeed a unique handheld gaming device with an ease of access to a vast game library, comparatively larger than those found on other devices.

Excellent Performance with a High Amount of Storage

Ayaneo is equipped with a very powerful processor and 16 GB-32 GB RAM, allowing a number of games to run smoothly without any stuttering or glitching issues throughout the gaming session.

It uses SSD memory; thus, it is much faster and more effective, ensuring uninterrupted hours of seamless gaming.

This can further be exhibited by its admirable ability to play memory-consuming and heavy games on a stunning bright-lit screen, with a higher level of quick responsiveness.

Even many heavy AAA title games usually run smoothly without causing any obstruction during the entire gameplay with a decent bright screen for hours.

The best part is that the total storage is about 512 GB or 1 TB and can even be upgraded using a micro card slot to get expandable storage to over 2 TB, which means that you have a massive amount of free space available to download heavy memory games.

These considerable facets surely raise the overall demand for this gaming handheld in the market and, therefore, account for the expensive price tag of over a thousand dollars!

Ayaneo 2 side image.
The design of Ayaneo 2 has incredible ergonomics, ensuring unparalleled grip and control of the device.

A Thoroughly Designed Device, a Perfect Fit for Ergonomics

This device undeniably has a unique, sleek-stylish, bezel-free, and striking build, covered with an additional glare glass case, giving a premium feel to its very surface.

It has been designed so thoughtfully that even though it is relatively big-sized, it is still compact and quite comfy on the hands, thus a perfect fit for the ergonomics.

Comprising a fine-quality D-pad, customizable buttons, joysticks, and hall effect triggers, it eliminates any stick-drift issues.

The Hall effect contributes to the higher level of quick responsiveness, and the buttons feel clicky, ensuring a smooth grip on the surface, thus providing an elevated gaming experience.

The entire build is impact-resistant and extremely dashing on the outside, which fairly accounts for its high price.

Short Battery Life

This is probably one of the most significant shortcomings experienced by gamers, which sends down a wave of disappointment, considering the high-profile handheld emulator, the Ayaneo 2.

You have to repeatedly put it on charge, as the longest it can run is only five hours, depending on the type of game you are playing on it.

Playing heavy memory-consuming games such as AAA title games can easily drain the battery faster than one might otherwise anticipate; that is, it may only play up to 2 hours till that battery running out sign begins to alert you to charge it for you to continue.

Therefore, it cannot support extended memory consumption and heavy game sessions due to its short battery life.

Complicated Settings and Language Barrier Issue

It is notable to point out that although the newer version of the OS, Windows 11, is regarded to be extremely easy to set up, given the fact that it is a far easier and user-friendly gaming launcher, that is not the case in the long run.

The AYASpace app setup in the English language presented some difficulty, and it proved to be quite a challenge for the gamers, suggesting that the overall setup in English was rather a cumbersome and lengthy process, even if you update it each time.

Watch this YouTube video to get a better visual idea of thAyaneo 2.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the Ayaneo 2 is your best bet if you are looking for a fast-paced, highly responsive, and elevated portable PC gaming device.

It is a bit pricey, but it has some of the best features that fulfill many personal gaming preferences and gaming wants, though with few shortcomings. It accounts quite fair for the big price tag, with a guarantee of a seamless gaming experience.


  • Gaming is an integral source of entertainment that sees no age, culture, or background and has emerged as one of the most influential industries in the world.
  • Handheld gaming devices have been on the rise in popularity since their very dawn, and therefore, due to the advancement in technology, many intuitive changes have been brought forth to improve the overall gaming experience.
  • One such device is the Ayaneo 2, which is regarded as an alternative to the best handheld gaming device, the Steam Deck, and has taken people by storm as it has some of the best features to offer and very few of its limitations in some aspects.
  • Some of the best features include bigger and higher resolution screen displays, better graphics, incredible performance, a huge amount of storage, faster processors, ease of accessibility to a vast game library, and sleek design based on general ergonomics.
  • Shortcomings include limited battery life and a cumbersome setting system due to language barrier issues, which do not get resolved even when updated each time.

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