Is The Retroid Pocket 3 Worth It? (For Adults)

Handheld gaming emulator, the Retroid Pocket 2

Gaming has been prevalent for many years now, and it continues to be an extremely massive and highly influential entertainment industry in the world today. It is one of the most socially evolving facets for people regardless of age, culture, and background.

Gaming has taken many forms over the years, and one of the most appealing ones is handheld gaming devices, which promise to deliver a seamless gaming experience through their high-profile specifications and renowned features.

There have been many handheld devices released over many years, and each time, as the advancement in technology progresses, newer, more effective, and intuitive changes are brought forth to improve one’s gaming experience on the go.

Still, it is often a daunting task to get your hands on a decent handheld emulator that can guarantee a gaming experience based on your gaming wants and personal gaming preferences.

In this blog, I shall discuss some of the features of one such highly popular handheld gaming emulator, Retroid Pocket 3, and what makes it worth a purchase by highlighting the major factors that determine its immense value in the market.

Before we get started, it is worthwhile to have a general idea about the specifications of the Retroid Pocket 3.

ProcessorUNISOC Tiger T618
Touchscreen4.7 inch
Operating SystemAndroid 11
Battery4,000 mAh
Storage32 GB
The above data table mentions some of the major specifications of the named emulator.

GoRetroid is undeniably known for its reliable products, which is an appealing factor for gamers worldwide. Their number of handheld emulators never failed to attain popularity and easily became the center of attraction for gamers; Retroid Pocket 3 is one such relevant example.

There are many factors to answer the question of whether one product is worth a purchase. We need to take a closer look at the best and the most unwanted aspects.

So, let’s delve into this fascinating topic and first discuss what makes it so valuable and special in the gaming market, and then move on to what are the flaws associated with this modern retro gaming handheld emulator.

Improved Screen Resolution

This is an obvious factor that raises the demand for and the general desire for any handheld gaming emulator on the market. The higher the screen resolution is, the more engaging the immersive gaming experience is for the gamer.

The Retroid Pocket 3 supports HD screen resolution up to 720p, believed to be much better, and a higher average pixel density than the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, allowing for a much brighter screen display, showcasing dynamic colors, and crystal clear image display quality.

The brightness adjustment is also remarkable, which further adds life to the video games being played on it. Its large screen also adds to a better and more intuitive gaming experience.

Therefore, it indeed seems like a viable option as it is quite reasonably priced while offering a fine-quality screen display with admirable graphics, which surely leaves you wanting to play more.

Longer Battery Life and Enhanced Portability

It is often a very annoying aspect of any device to put it on charge repeatedly after a moderate period and not have the desired screen time limit to play games for a longer time.

This was simply eradicated during the manufacture of the Retroid Pocket 3, as it came up with an extremely reliable battery support system, which can run many games smoothly, allowing for extended gaming sessions.

It has a powerful 4000mAh battery, promising enough to deliver around 5-6 hours of exceeded screen time limit and uninterrupted extended gaming sessions on the go.

This is indeed one of the most desirable gaming wants among gamers, who enjoy extended gaming hours without the obstacle of recharging it for a long time, especially in between gaming sessions.

Additionally, the Retroid Pocket 3 is immensely pocket-friendly with a 4.7-inch screen and is lightweight. As a result, it provides an allure of portability on the go, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

These facets are indeed your best bet, given the affordable price of only $120!

Powerful Processor and Emulator, with a Decent Room for Storage Capacity

ROM games.
Retroid Pocket 3 can easily emulate a large number of retro games, which makes it valuable among the retro community gamers.

Retroid Pocket 3 is equipped with a powerful processor, as it shows its credibility when it comes to playing a handful of games, including memory-consuming ones, with an appreciable level of responsiveness and a user-friendly interface.

It comes up with 32 GB RAM, which is more than enough for most casual retro games.

It can emulate many retro handheld games such as the Game Boy, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, and various 8 and 16-bit retro games, along with some PSP games with little to no glitching, ensuring a smooth gaming journey to accompany you on the go, while inculcating a sense of nostalgia.

However, playing some memory-consuming and heavy games, such as PS2, will turn out to be problematic due to possible errors, slower response time, and unwanted glitches.

Nevertheless, it is still worth the purchase for being extremely accessible to a vast retro game library.

Difficult to Set Up

This is yet another issue that is to be highlighted, as several gamers found it to be extremely annoying and cumbersome to set up the emulators properly to enable access to game libraries.

This involves ROM directories and germane knowledge regarding the entire process to set it up in an accurate way, step by step.

It takes time, and an unwanted effort is to be made, for instance, searching on Google or YouTube to learn how to get the job done.

Oftentimes, you may need help from a consultant or any other guide who has the required knowledge to set up your emulators on this handheld gaming device.

Poor Design and Inefficient Placement of Buttons

Though the overall exterior design of this handheld emulator is sleeky, striking, and an improved one over the previous handheld gaming devices, due to a few shortcomings, it is somewhat of an inefficient design.

There is only one little shortfall, which is the button placement, mainly the start and selection buttons being installed at a weird angle and distance from one another that it gets a bit harder to get your hands on them; it feels like putting some form of effort, and time to do so.

This is regarded as poor technical design management, but still, one may get used to not feeling as if the buttons are out of the way; this requires some amount of time, which is an annoying factor for gamers.

Overall, it is clear that the Retroid Pocket 3 is your best bet if you are looking for an affordable retro gaming emulator with many admirable features that align well with the price tag!

Watch this YouTube Video to get a better idea of the Retroid Pocket 3 overall review.


  • Gaming is an integral source of entertainment in modern-day society for people all across the globe and continues to rise in immense popularity.
  • There have been many retro gaming handheld emulators released over the years to allow gamers to relieve their childhood gaming experience in the best way possible due to advancements in technology.
  • Retroid Pocket 3 is one such retro handheld gaming device, which showcases some of the best features such as an HD screen display, stronger and longer battery life, a powerful emulator with a decent amount of storage, and enhanced portability due to its smaller size, and lighter weight.
  • However, it does have flaws, such as ineffective design, and requires some germane knowledge of how to set it up manually, which can prove cumbersome for some gamers.
  • Nevertheless, it is still considered to be your best bet given the affordable price while still offering some of the best features and fulfilling many of the general gaming desires and personal preferences.

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