The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus for Adult Gamers (What to Know!)

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In a world where gaming has become an immersive cultured facet of modern-day society, playing video games on the go appeals to every gamer, whether an adult or a child. However, it’s often daunting to find a competent handheld gaming emulator to enhance your gaming experience to great heights and prove to be highly engaging for you.

It’s pretty explicit that we all are obsessed with GoRetroid products because we get to have the most reliable quality, classy-looking handheld gaming consoles, contemporary with a variety of enticing and upgraded features, at a reasonable price.

GoRetroid has been best known for launching one handheld emulator after the other, with some exciting changes and upgraded versions of the predecessor, which normally don’t fail to be the center of attraction for gamers and usually manage to qualify for being fruitful in their sales.

In this article, I’ll discuss one of their quite popular handhelds, the Retroid Pocket 3+, which has proved to have shown incredibly improved and efficient performance, much better than their previously released products.

To say that it’s good for adult gamers, it is imperative to delve completely into finding out what makes it so valuable and special in the gaming market and how it ends up being a suitable purchase for gaming lovers!

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus, handheld gaming emulator.
This is a model image of Retroid Pocket 3+, which also contains an external USB and HDMI port.

What Makes It Worth It?

This is the question that pops up in every buyer’s mind: What makes a product so valuable that it’s worth a purchase? To answer that, it’s noticeably important to take into account important factors that altogether contribute to its essence of popularity and a good review among gamers, specifically for adult gamers, which will be our key aspect in this topic.

Before we look into that, it is worthwhile to have an estimated idea of what exactly Retroid Pocket 3+ is and its prominent features that are worthy of admiration.

Following is a list of some of the major specifications:

ProcessorUnisoc Tiger T618
Operating SystemAndroid 11
Storage128 GB
Touch Screen4.7 inch
Weight0.235 kg
This gives us an insight into a few advanced and improved features of the named emulator, giving a seamless gaming experience.

After reading through the specifications enlisted above, you all must have realized by now that it is indeed a better version of previous releases, such as Pocket 2+ and 3.

Some of the most prominent features that make it far more appealing to gamers are the following:

  • A much more solid and reliable sleek design, with a good-looking exterior build.
  • Larger storage options with a long-lasting battery.
  • Improved screen resolution, which inculcates a pleasant gaming experience.

Note that all of the aspects mentioned above are, in one way or another, improved and much more advanced, with little to zero bugs found in the previous products, which is why it has become a center of attraction for gamers worldwide.

Outstanding Exterior Styled With Improved Reliability

It’s pretty visible to us that its design is very similar to Pocket 2+, Pocket 3, and Nintendo Switch Lite. However, the Dpad is bigger in size compared to other versions, with better and improved Hall Effect joysticks.

The outside build is very intact, smooth, and likely to remain sound over a force of strong impact. A much more reliable version than the previous products had to offer and gives a nice feel of holding it for extended gaming session hours.

The use of ductile and flexible conductive rubbers has overcome the problem of navigating menus and using buttons to perform operations on the screen.

Allows for Greater Room for Storage With Better Battery Life

One of the most talked about upgraded facets is that of increased space for memory and RAM.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, trying out and playing a handful of games is something we all desire the most, and there’s no denying that natural urge to have a plentiful of game libraries to truly enjoy your gaming journey.

To make that come to life, The Retroid Pocket 3+ stands tall in allowing you to create a much larger memory space size of up to 128 GB and larger RAM so that you can download as many games as you want and run up a large number of other emulations with higher speeds, and smooth functioning.

Furthermore, it’s worthwhile to also mention here that the battery life is far better and comes up with an exceeded screen time limit that is up to 5-6 hours, which is more than enough for gamers to play and tag along on the go!

All that at $149, a seemingly affordable price to get the best of both worlds in the form of this gaming emulator!

Improved Screen Resolution and Performance

Additionally, this emulator has a highly upgraded resolution, where the pixel density has risen, so it offers a good screen display with better graphics and higher brightness levels.

This has been a significant improvement over the last few released devices, where the display had a number of bugs and wasn’t as crystal clear as this one. The screen size has also been widened as compared to previous versions, which further improves one’s immersive gaming experience, adding more life to it and making it far more mesmerizing.

Due to larger RAM, it can work very quickly, is incessantly responsive, and functions well enough with many of the games played on it.

The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus opens up a world of highly engaging and workable systems that don’t fail and continue to run smoothly over the long run, making it a good purchase.

A handheld gaming emulator.
It is difficult to manage the large gap between the buttons while playing the video game, thus has some demerits associated with it.

What Are Some of Its Drawbacks?

While considering making a wise purchase, it is also consequential to know of the possible drawbacks associated with the product you’re willing to buy.

However, this handheld device is not very far from being flawless, but there are a few shortcomings that I’d discuss, though none of them carry weight as its benefits do.

Some examples are the following:

  • Larger screen, thus increasing the risk of RSI.
  • Sleeky design but may not be appealing to some.
  • Inability to run heavy video games.

Increased Risk of RSI

The larger the screen, the more difficult it is to handle the device for long gaming hours, and even if one manages to do it, it’d most likely put a strain on your hands due to its weight and will heighten risks of getting repeated RSI.

Therefore, it isn’t very suitable for extended hours of usage.

The Issue With Its Design

Though it has a design that’s meant for gamers to be comfortable with, the arrangements of buttons can be hard to adapt to, as you have to slide your fingers away from one side to the far-away other, so they aren’t that easily accessible.

Additionally, the sound system is no more than just satisfactory; it can have audio issues such as muffled sound, as a result of which, sound quality isn’t at its finest using this handheld emulator, which can be very disappointing for gamers.

Not-So-Powerful Emulator

It’s quite easy to set up ROM with whatever game library or whatever emulations you wish to have, but there are many games, such as PlayStation and PSP-heavy games, which cannot run well on this device.

They have a higher chance of stuttering and glitching on the screen. This means that some of the most played games, such as Tekken 5, can not be played smoothly.

You can learn more about the potential of an enticing video gaming journey by watching this review on YouTube.
A hand pressing down on the shoulder buttons on a handheld emulator.
The room to play a variety of games on the go is immensely desirable by gamers worldwide.

Does Retroid Pocket 3+ Come With Games?

The Retroid Pocket 3+ doesn’t come with games preinstalled on it. You have to manually create and customize your game library based on your gaming preferences, which also includes downloading games from Google Play Store, such as San Andreas.

You can emulate a number of PlayStation 2 games, Wii, Gamecube, GameBoy, Nintendo consoles, and a number of Dreamcast games, many of which run very smoothly without any errors, providing you with a marvelous gaming experience and adding more life to it.

Overall, Retroid Pocket 3+ is your best bet; it is much better than Pocket 2+ with an amazing updated version and convincing price!


  • Video gaming consoles are quite popular and played by people of all ages; no matter if you’re a kid or an adult gamer, carrying a world of immersive video gaming on the go is incredibly appealing to all.
  • The recently released Retroid Pocket 3+ has become a center of attraction, even for adult gamers, too, with its many benefits to offer and improve your gaming experience, all at a reasonable price of $149.
  • Retroid Pocket 3+ comes up with a bigger screen, stronger battery, better visual graphics, highly promising reliability, and improved reliability, thanks to its outstanding sleeky design.
  • However, there are a few demerits to consider, such as cumbersome manual navigation, which takes time to adapt to, ergonomics-related issues, and its inability to play heavy games.
  • The Retroid Pocket 3+ can create the game library you wish for and can emulate a number of consoles and video games such as Sonic Dash, San Andreas, PS2 games, and so on and forth.

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