The Retroid Pocket Flip For Adult Gamers (Is It Good?)

A handheld gaming emulator

Gaming has become significantly popular among people of all ages, regardless of their background, country, or culture. It has become insanely widespread that it can be played in a wide variety of ways and is not limited to only desktops or public arcade venues.

One such highly engaging and portable version is pretty conventional, but to this date, it has been on the popularity rise ever since it first appeared in the gaming industry.

Yes, folks, you all guessed it right. It’s a handheld gaming console, which opens up an enticing opportunity to carry an immersive world of video games wherever you go, no matter if you’re an adult or a little kid!

There are, without a doubt, several handheld emulator consoles out there, but in this blog, I shall discuss an increasingly trendy handheld console (Retroid Pocket Flip), which has been recently released and has become a center of attraction for handheld gaming enthusiasts, including adults as it promotes a sense of nostalgia for them, and is considered to be a good purchase!

So, let’s begin!

A handheld video gaming console.
The latest, classic version of the Retroid handheld console has shoulder buttons, a USB port, a micro SD card reader, and an HDMI port.

What Are Some of the Prominent Features That Make It a Good Purchase?

Well, this handheld console is owned by GoRetroid, the same company that launched its predecessor, Pocket 3+; it’s quite similar to that with some additional features and an improved experience.

Some of the major specifications of this handheld console are as follows in the given data table:

Unisoc Tiger T618 octa-core processor
Screen4.7 inches with a reasonably high resolution
WEIGHT0.270 kg
Operating SystemAndroid 11
Data shows that the Retroid Pocket Flip has quite excellent features, which makes it highly valuable and wanted in the market, which stands as a testament to how it is a good purchase for gamers.

However, to answer the question, it’s worthwhile to dive well into discussing how this handheld gaming device is advantageous enough for it to be excessively appealing and what makes it much more spectacular in different ways from other gaming emulators, which are:

  • It has a clamshell flip-screen design, which rekindles a nostalgic spirit.
  • Has a better performance level and a longer battery life.
  • Compatibility is quite admirable at a reasonably affordable price.

Generating a Sense of Nostalgia

Retriod Pocket Flip isn’t surprisingly any different from the Pocket 3+ version or somewhat Nintendo DS.

It, however, has a clamshell design, which went out of style a long time ago and, instead, has been replaced with more compact and newer versions, but it still is a driving factor as to why it’s a good purchase to make.

Such a comeback is greatly appreciated by adult gamers because it promotes a sense of nostalgia, making them excited to play with it even more and heightening its popularity as more and more adults will have a natural tendency to choose this clamshell-styled device to relive their childhood experience.

Improved Performance Experience

Moving forward, we all find it utterly tiring to put our devices to charge a repeated number of times. There is always a huge desire to go for a gaming emulator which can run up to a considerable amount of time so that it doesn’t bug us with an empty battery on the go.

Therefore, the Retroid Pocket Flip is known for its additional space allocated for a bigger battery of 5000mAh, which means that it can last longer than the previously released device, Pocket 3+, and other similar products. It can last up to more than 6 hours of video gaming sessions, making it an incredibly desirable and efficient device.

Adding to this, the brightness levels of the display screen are generally higher, with better graphics, so this further intensifies and improves the quality and the resolution of what is being viewed on the screen, being one of the factors that tempt the buyers to go for it.

Admirable Compatibility and Portability

It’s fair to claim that the Retroid pocket flip is impressively portable, easy to use, and compact in size.

Though there’s a range of viably outstanding quality-looking buttons, there are additional M1 and M2 buttons that readily allow you to create shortcuts and modify the display screen options, opening up a way to select how you wish to navigate on the screen.

It comprises a Hall effect slider, giving a seamless gaming experience with great responsiveness.

It’s also worth mentioning here that it’s a very reliable product because it doesn’t get broken easily and is proven to be sustainable in the long run, that too at a fairly reasonable price of $164.50!

Two consoles are kept sideways, with a handheld emulator between them.
There are various factors to consider when selecting a good handheld gaming console from a wide range of options.

What Are Some of Its Demerits?

Retroid Pocket Flip doesn’t really have any perceptible cons, but there are a few of the features that might not be convincing enough for adult gamers to make a purchase of it.

Very few of them really exist, but those consequential to be highlighted are as follows:

  • Has a higher associated risk of RSI’s.
  • Cumbersome setup requirement.
  • Design of the device, which might be annoying.

Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury

It’s quite obvious that since the weight is overall a little heavier than other devices, holding it for an extended number of hours can result in RSI due to moderate ergonomics.

It can cause pain, resulting in numbness in the hands, and can be difficult to fit in a very small space or carry on the go on several occasions.

Setting It Up Is a Tough Job

It comes up with the latest Andriod 11 version, which is why it is cumbersome to set up the entire system, which requires your attention and fast-paced actions to load the games you want and to set it up accurately.

The games are not preinstalled; you have to do it all on your own and set up the game library. In comparison, some of the heavy PlayStation games might not run smoothly.

Often at times, you may need some assistance from a guide to help install the OS.

Design of the device which may not appeal to:

So far, we all know that the handheld device has a small screen comparable to other devices, which gamers might not like and would not buy because they don’t get to have a satisfying adequate gaming display experience.

Similarly, the old clamshell design, along with analog sliders, can be annoying for other adult gamers; opening and closing the case prescribed way and playing may be obstructed by the old structural-based design.

Overall, the benefits that it has got to offer outweigh its few demerits.

You can find out more about this newly released version of the Retroid handheld emulator by watching the video above!
A Gamecube emulator with a console and a Nintendo game case.
The Retroid Pocket Flip can also work with Game cube emulators, one of the all-time favorites of gamers worldwide.

What Games Can Retroid Pocket Flip Play?

What makes this newer version of the gaming handheld console immensely popular is its ability to run absolutely any game you want to play!

From setting up your own game library the way you wish, streaming HD videos, and connecting it with other gaming emulators, it serves as a whole package while opening up a huge world of entertainment for all gamers, with enhanced performance, efficient processing, quicker response times and what not.

It is best known for its high-resolution graphics and enabling you to play any game you like without any error, glitching, or related issues.

You can play all games, such as Call of Duty, all Dreamcast Games, and PSP games, and it even allows you to download games from the Google PlayStore by being connected to the home Wi-Fi itself without any obstacle.

From Nintendo DS and Wii to Game Boy Advance to PlayStation, it can emulate a handful of consoles, enhancing your gaming experience with enticing different ventures.

The USB and HDMI ports allow you to use it as a home console, and you can even connect it to Bluetooth to stream games.

Therefore, the Retroid Pocket Flip works smoothly with most games, and emulators are reliable and versatile in the long run at an adequate price.


  • The Retroid Pocket Flip is an updated version of its predecessor, Pocket 3+, which has become the center of attraction for gamers of all ages.
  • There are many prominent features of the Retroid Pocket Flip, such as longer battery life, improved performance with greater reliability, an improved gaming experience, and an old clamshell design that promotes a sense of nostalgia among adult gamers, all at a reasonably good price.
  • There are some demerits to consider, such as a smaller screen with a heavy weight to carry on the go, setting up the entire system can be difficult and may require a guide for assistance, and playing games on it can be obstructed due to the old-fashioned design.
  • It can play a wide list of games, even enables you to download from the Google Play store, and can easily run many renowned emulators with better graphics and high responsiveness, all at a reasonable price, making it a good purchase for gamers.

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