What Percentage of People Play Video Games? (Revealed!)

Video games have been on the popularity rise for a very long time now. It’s quite obvious that people of all ages and backgrounds find video games quite appealing and enjoy them to the fullest.

As a result of its high level of fame among so many people, it’s noticeably worthwhile to have an estimated idea of what exact percentage of people are indulged in this socially evolving facet of life.

So, if you’re interested in finding out recent demographics regarding video games, let’s get delved together into this fascinating topic!

According to a recent study, there has been reported over 3.22 billion people play video games all across the globe, which indicates 40% percent of the world’s population!

It’s worth mentioning here that the number of players has been on the rise for many years now, and the gaming industry has dominated the entertainment realm all over the globe as it continues to grow steeply and prosper.

For instance, the number of video game players rose from 2.81 billion in 2020 to 3.22 billion in 2023, which shows a speedy increase. Similarly, looking at it from a country’s point of view, there are over 65% of people in the USA play video games, which shows how the gaming industry is thriving well in this progressing world.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, it was estimated that the average time spent on video games is 8.45 hours per week, which is not only comprised of male gamers but females too.

The following data table represents the number of people playing video games in different regions of the world:

Continents of the WorldNumber of video game players
Asia1.42 billion
Europe 668 million
Latin America383 million
North America261 million
Video gaming has taken over various regions of the world, as exhibited in the data table above.

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One man and one woman are playing a video game together.
Video games are a source of enthrallment for both men and women in this modern-day society.

Are Most Gamers Male or Female?

Before we dive into the question, it is important to have some germane knowledge related to the percentage of both boys and girls involved in video gaming worldwide.

According to a recent survey, it’s estimated that 52% are male gamers while 48% are female video game players. This, however, nearly concludes that it is somewhat a tie that there’s not a big difference in the number of gender-specific players worldwide.

This sharp rise has been recorded over the course of many years because, initially, video games were actually much more popular among male people.

But due to further advancement in technology, contemporary with changing norms of society, where stereotypes and conflicts don’t stand on a strong footing anymore, gaming seems to fill the gender gap, being embraced by the female community too!

However, there’s still a bit of difference between the number of male and female players. Therefore, I shall shed some light on it why this is still the case.

There is clearly not too much to discuss because the gender gap is relatively much smaller than ever before, but it is true, according to research and demonstrating experiments, which transpire that men are generally more attracted to video gaming than females.

It’s because almost every video game consists of a reward-generating system. When one mission is completed, you get to have the following:

  • Win prizes
  • Unlock upper-level quests
  • Venture out for the next challenge

An experiment demonstrated by the Stanford School provides an evidence-based result that the area of the brain, which is associated, and linked with the processing emotion of reward receiving and addiction, is highly active, much more involved, and engaged than a woman’s one.

A gaming world is filled with amusement, interactively fun adventures, thrillers, and complex mysteries to solve, which is what the boys desire the most, generally more than females.

It’s also to bring to your kind notice that females have proved to be effective players, too. They stand on the same ground as males when it comes to other skills, such as visual recognition and motor skills.

But to conclude my point, ultimately, boys are tempted to play more than girls, even for longer hours than girls, and most likely to get hooked and addicted to gaming than men!

You may learn more about this by watching the video above.
A person playing FPS game on a mobile phone
Mobile video gaming has secured its position in the immensely successful video gaming industry.

Which Countries Play Video Games the Most?

We all wonder if video gaming has been thriving so well in this progressing world, then what are some of the top countries where video gaming is the most influential?

The country which generated the highest number of video game players is none other than China, which is also known for being the most populated country in the world. The average time of video gaming is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In 2022, China managed to earn a revenue of over 45 billion dollars from its video gaming sector. Citizens of China have had an undeniable dedication and pure love toward video gaming for years now.

Then, without a shadow of a doubt, comes the United States of America, which is home to over 214 million video game players for 1 to 3 hours every day. Large, successfully running video game companies are located in America. For instance, Fortnite was created by an American game developer, Tim Sweeny.

People there play a variety of games, the most popular beings FPS games, virtual reality-based, and e-sports.

Other countries include Japan, which is widely recognized for the production and creation of many enthralling games and e-sports and is also notable for a huge number of video gamers, generating billions of dollars from this industry.

Similarly, in countries such as the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and many more where, there are the most video games, where the average time spent on video games varies in different regions.

Even in India, where it was reported that there were over 421 million players in 2022.

This shows how video gaming is not limited to only technological countries.

Adult playing a video game.
There are some of the selected video games which are considered the most played ones in the world.

What Video Games are Played the Most?

Some of the most famous and most-played video games of all time are the following:

  • Call of Duty.
  • Fortnite.
  • Minecraft.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an fps game, which is quite fast-paced, depicting ancient warfare.

It allows for the virtual social connection of various multiplayer. It is considered to be one of the most liked, played, and popular games all across the world.

It’s estimated that 100 million players join this game every month.


Fortnite is a game where you have to survive the harsh conditions in the 3D game so that you can stand tall as the last person alive among 100 other players.

It’s one of the world’s most-played games, with over 350 million game accounts.


It’s quite played among growing children and teenagers, and also enjoyed by adults.

It’s a gateway to a 3D world where you get to create block by block, design, craft, face obstacles, and endure rough and tough conditions so that you can survive in the game.

More than 100 million people join to play Minecraft every single month. This tells us how much people are into Minecraft.

There are obviously many more video games that are played the most, but the ones I mentioned have been considered the greatest of all time!

It’s also important to mention here that video games can be played by people of all ages, whether it’s a little kid or a 60-year-old man, as video gaming rekindles a sense of joy and promotes happiness among gamers.


  • Video games are played all over the world, is 40% of the world’s total population is involved in video gaming, which accounts for over 3 billion total video gamers.
  • Over 48% of the world’s females and 52% of males play video games.
  • It’s no longer a generalized stereotype that there are more male players than female players. However, a very small gender gap exists, which is because of a biological factor, where a male’s brain area associated with reward gaining is more active and engaged during playing.
  • Video games are played the most in China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and many other countries, including India, not limited to technological countries.
  • There are many video games that are played the most and considered to be a masterpiece, such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.

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